My WIP is almost completed, and it is a sort of exciting moment, as very soon my up and down lief of publishing will change.  For now I am very excited to do the editing for my work.

I also write on hubpages, and that has caused me a little less excitement, since there have been a few copyright issues there.  I do make money there when I publish my work, but a few others feel that anything found on the Internet is “copyable”  sorry to say my hubs are copyrighted.  I’ve used my knowledge of publishing to effect and of course filed a few complaints.

Some are still ongoing, as a few people do not see publishing the way I do…   I suspect money has a lot to do with it, they seem to think money can be made by stealing others work.  No, links nothing.  While I do not mind that people refer others to my publsihed work, I do not like finding out that some steal work… thinking it will make them money.

still, I’ll throw this out, what do you do if you find something of yours is copied, with no reference to you and the work is totally copied?

Posted by: rebeccae | December 2, 2010

Daring to Publish

I feel very daring, are you?

Are you daring to publish?  Are you busy with your work and forgot something so important to your work?

Do you love your writing… then if you do, you need to at least try to think about being published.

Writers have all heard of social networking as a means to showcase the work that they do online you do not need to go much farther than the Google search bar and type writing online to get more than a million sites that offer this very service.  This goes beyond blogs and other online writing sites (such as: Squidoo, HubPages, and smaller sites.)  We think of writing but we really do not think of our ability to network.

Unfortunately, writers tend to think of networking not in terms of online work, but of “real world” work. This is not the case, as the Internet harnesses the power of billions of traffic to billions of websites. The more you network the more your writing is showcased.  This needs to be done online as well.  This can be as simple as going to your Facebook page and adding a few likes to it, to going on social networking sites and adding links to your work there.  Then there is the level of participation that you decide you want to do with each site.  There are a lot of sites out there so promotion is both easy and complex at the same time.

For example: when we write about a topic on our blog or websites, we network with each other and hopefully others read this blog, or our other online work, which can fun to read, and some times this can be a harder thing to manage with time constraints and new technology. The real effort begins when we as writers decide that our writing needs an online network of readers who believe that our work is of value, which in turn can make us money, and when we publish our work, we know that this network will read our work.

Networking is simple, it is based upon participation but the end result is that you are promoting your work in a very fun way and by doing this without looking overly promotional you will get more people going to read your work and you will build your online business.  Your online business can build your “real world business, but you will need traffic and promotion and the ability to publish a lot of work, in a few different sites.  The choice to make then is what is more challenging the networking and promotion or the ability to write a quality blog or other online work, which will make you money in a reasonable period of time.

Posted by: rebeccae | October 11, 2010

How Publishing on Article Directories Can Help You

Ever written on an article directory yet? Have you considered that yet, or is it something that you really don’t want to consider as a possible way to get traffic and make a bit of money on your work?

Promotion of anything can be hard, and often this is because as writers and publishers we think inside the box, as they say.  This can make it harder to promote and make our work more visible to the online world, where the possibilities of publishing are endless.  Does that seem to be a possibility for you or others or is publishing something you think about only in terms of books.

So how does publishing on article directories help you or your work?

Simple, it is something where you can expand where you can make money, however indirectly and you are in fact publishing your work, but you are spreading it for free and that will expand the base of your readership far more than you can imagine.  So why will this help you?  This will help by increasing traffic to where you want people to come and read your work.  Take for example a freelance writer who has published some work online.  They need to get traffic so that the money that they need will come in on a more regular basis.

Be advised, that your work on the article directories is meant to be published elsewhere and people will want to look for your links to read more information about who and where you work is done.  A freelance writer has a publishing advantage over the competition they can write a lot and are used to writing a lot so this way the content is unique and original and people can place it on their blogs, with your link to some more unique content to your work.  It is simple and effective and the time that you spend building a few articles means that you can expand your business and your publishing earning faster than if you simply built up your blogs.

This is no to suggest that publishing on article directories will make you money but it is a way to think about how to increase traffic to your work that makes money a possibility by having your readers come from different sites and then you will have readers buy your books that you want to sell.  This is the possibility that writing on article directories offer to you.

Posted by: rebeccae | September 23, 2010

Make Money Publishing?

Can you make money publishing a book?

Or is it too hard?

Would you self-publish?

What will you do?

Posted by: rebeccae | September 9, 2010

Can Writing Classes Help You Get Published?

Can writing classes help you get your work published?  Is it worth the money you intend to put out to take a course, either online or in a real-time class?  For the most part it is very beneficial, if you find the right class suited for your needs.  This means that a person on the cusp of publishing should take a more advanced course whereas a person who is simply beginning a writing journey needs to take a course suited to their needs.
It is beneficial if possible to take a writing course, and there are many to choose from, one from New York called Gotham Writers. They offer writing classes online, and courses which residents in the New York area can take. The teachers are all professional writers and they encourage the other students to comment, and for the most part the class gives a lot of good advice. The one thing that writers have found though that many newer writers are sensitive to critics, and often this is the key drawback for them to improve their work.  A writer should take note that with Gotham Classes, you can  not get a refund for your classes after a certain timeframe, so plan for critiques (some warranted and some a bit unfounded, but all useful) this is a good series of classes to take for the more advance writer who is about to publish their work.  If a writer wants to get the most out of this course, it is best not to mention too may accolades you have received.
Another online writing class many writers  have taken is writers online workshops, (now known as writers university), it has small class sizes, the teachers comments are helpful. Many writers recommend this as a good group to go to for those who are starting out with their writing and publishing career. All of their teachers, like Gotham writers are professional writers.  The format is good and easy to use, and since it allows writers from many different countries to apply, a writer can be from say Sweden and work with a writer from Japan.  The drawback is that most people do find that the best constructive comments are from the teachers and not from the students.  Perhaps because they are also learning, however this is a good first step to publishing.

Both these groups have a lot to offer new and more experienced writers in their journey to publishing, but to get the most out of these course, writers need to really know where they are in terms of their writing, as someone who has written for ten years might still have less experience than someone who has consistently written for the past three years.

Posted by: rebeccae | August 27, 2010

Three Methods to Publish a Book

All writers will face the day when they want to become a published author. They are then faced with a question, should they publish? If they do publish their novel, or short story or book, where should they go to have it published? There are many choices, that they need to think about, but really, it boils down to three methods for publishing the book they have worked so hard on.

Below are the three methods which writers can decide upon to enter the world of publishing:

1) Self-publish an e-book: This is becoming the most popular method of publishing, some writers will simply pit together a small e-book where people can download it and read the e-book at their own time. Of course, the writer can choose to charge a fee or not for this method. The drawback to e-books is that if you are not as this method, while popular can be very challenging. There are many software programs to help decrease this challenge but once you have done this method a few times, many writers will find that it is the most rewarding, as publishing an e-book is fast and reasonably easy with time.

2) Self-Publish a book: Now, this can be done with the first method, but it can also be done as something on its own. This is a great option for writers who have nonfiction books. It is also good for fiction writers but both writers need to learn how to publicize the books that they have published. This is not to suggest that any writers should use the many vanity presses out there, as often they are over priced (See Author House or iUniverse for some of the higher priced packages they offer) and the money that is spent publishing your book is best spent marketing your work yourself.

3) Traditional Publishing: This is still a very popular method, to publish a book, but as the growth of the e-books, and the ability for writers to promote their writing via other methods of publishing, it is a harder method to become a published author with traditional publishing. This is because the writer will have to write a query letter and normally get an agent (although this is changing)

Again no matter where you publish, it is important to know that promotion is a must to make money with your published book. The more promotion you put into which ever method you choose the more likely you will succeed in your publishing.

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I’m back… or Rather publishing is BACK

After several days … I am back, got my book really ready to publish.

I am very excited, but I also plan to publish with a 9 by 6 trim… that will make a difference.

Posted by: rebeccae | July 29, 2010

When Publishing Gets Hard

Most writers do not like to hear that they are having some writing difficulties.  They have spent time editing and rewriting and improving their work.  Yet at the same time they want to publish the work that they have done and they do not want to find out that publishing and the industry in general is a hard process almost as hard as the writing process.

Still when publishing get hard, there are a few ways to make it easier to find you way out.  Below are a list of five things you can do to improve your chances that publishing will not be hard.

1) Understand that it is not easy to be published

2) Understand you will need to promote your work

3) Still you will need to be passionate and love what you do.

4) It is a learning process, and as humans we all make mistakes.

5) Still there are options to the publishing industry, self-publishing, e-books, online articles, traditional publishing.

Posted by: rebeccae | July 23, 2010

What Does Publishing Mean?

Simply Put a lot of hard work… but it is what we all want isn’t it?

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