In Search of the Lost Ones Book Challenge

What is the One Million Book Challenge?

This is a specific challenge which I am currently running. I have challenged myself to selling 1,000,000 of my books in seven years.   This has been a recent theme for me:  to set a specific goal and time frame in mind related to writing and publishing. Of course it will really give me an idea on what it takes in terms of ups and odwn in publishing a book

I believe this number is doable and something that will be a long term experiment for me and for my co-authors.  We will learn a lot of information and this will be a good thing to do. 

This challenge includes In Search of The Lost Ones.  It will also include any books that I publish in 2012.  In Search of the Lost Ones was published November 2011 in paperback format.  It is on Kindle as well .

The contest begins on February 6, 2012 and will end February 6, 2019.  I will be charting the progress of all format sales. 

Where to Purchase:

In Paperback: on Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon, UK, Amazon Germany and Amazon France also you can now buy it on Barnes and Noble.  The books have a price range from $13.50 to $15.00 depending on where you order your book.

On Kindle:  on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, and Amazon France at the moment, the book is available on Kindle but if you have the app then you can download your book on your iPad, which is a big plus for many readers.  The Kindle edition is priced at $2,.99 (and then for the rest based upon this price)


This far there has been great success in paperback sales on and where there has been more than 100 sales in the paperback. However the Kindle Sales are Now picking up. There have been about 90 sales since December 2011, but as of February there have about 10 sales on the Kindle.


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