Posted by: rebeccae | February 2, 2013

Blogs, Money and Writing

If you have a blog, then the chances are that you have something to write about, a topic you are confident about and want to share what you know to others.  That something is important to you and you want to have people read that and comment one what they have read.  Deep down you also want to see success and make money with your writing.  This money is for you a means to have things you dream about.


Money comes to those who write.  It also comes to those who plan to focus on the things that matter to them.  If you publish a book, the part of what makes it so wonderful is that you have the ability to make money long-term with your writing.  In this case it was publishing In Search of The Lost Ones that made my own writing more powerful.  There was a need to improve my writing so that readers who came to my blog would eventually go and purchase my book.  The more I improved it the better it was.  Even though I knew a lot about Transylvania, Romania and the Second World War, I had to publish something beyond what I would have normally done.



It also showed that money comes when you publish what you know, and this also showed that what with challenges with writing a blog, and writing a book, money needed to come from somewhere.  After all success means that you have to work both hard and smart.  You have to market and get the word out that you have published something.  The same holds true if you write on a blog, and you want to earn money with Google AdSense, you have to write about what you know.  AdSense doesn’t mean instant money but it means like anything you can make money writing on your blog.

Coin Jar


The point is that no matter how much work you do if you don’t think about the idea of money and publishing what you know, you end up losing out.  Most readers have great interest in the topic and tend to know a lot of information about whatever they read.  They are here to read something they didn’t know about before.  That is how you create something great, and that is the way to not lose your mind, and continue to write and love what you do.


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