Posted by: rebeccae | February 22, 2012

In Search of The Lost Ones: Published On Amazon

It is time to mention that after many years of writing, In Search of  The Lost Ones is now on and other amazon website ( At the moment it is on amazon Canada, UK, and Germany!) 

This is great new, and this is a true up in terms of publishing.   The sales have been steady and many people have already bought the book, but it took a while before the rest of amazon sites had the book listed on their sites, the hardest part was the wait, but this is a huge trill.  Now, one can say I am not simply a writer, but rather a published author.

I hope that this up part of publishing will continue in terms of writing yet another book.  Many thanks to all who have read this blog.



 As you can see above this is the cover of the book, many thanks goes out to the editor of this work.


  1. I am delighted that writers have that precious gift; of freedom to live their dream and release their contributions to the wider community without waiting to be discovered by agents or publishers.

    I have self published several books; the most recent, Only One Father-based on being the daughter of blind parents; a story worthy of sharing outside of my community. Only One Father can now be also found on Kindle.

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