Posted by: rebeccae | April 18, 2011

Why Self-Publish?

Most people want to publish a book but they often only consider self-publishing as a last resort.

Should they?

For some writers, they had long since planned to self-publish, but for others it is because they have been told no far too often.  Being told no is a hard thing to accept.  I moon lighted as a literary agent’s “checker.”  This was really just a thing to tell people no without them bothering this agent.

 I think I took this lesson from that experience:  One, you can never spend too much time editing, and two see number one!

Really, if you are going to self-publish, you still need it to be professional.

This is the hardest thing to understand.

If you are self-publishing because you have been told no, you need to go back and fix it up, a first draft is actually just not even a draft, it is mind splat.  A second draft is okay, but I’ve also learned that a fourth draft is good.  it takes time and energy to build your work to the point where, why you self-publish is because it is something that you enjoy…

Not because you were told no once too many time.

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