Posted by: rebeccae | February 16, 2011

Would Online Writing Sites be considered Self-Publishing?

Online writing sites are places where you write and then you make money online based upon traffic, or upon affiliate programs that you have set up.  It can also be a combination of both.  There are hundreds on online writing sites out there, and there are millions of writers who want to be published and better yet to be seen with their work, and make money, or have fame.

Writing is an art, and a craft, it is a lot of living a life of writing, but it also is about making money that will help you.

Still, the question can be asked, are these online writing sites something that you can consider self-publishing or are they more like simply putting things out?

In a words, yes they are self-publishing as you have the right to build your business any way you want to build it up and to make money.  It also means that your published work is copyright protected, on any of these writing sites.  That is why these writing sites are considered self-publishing.


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