Posted by: rebeccae | February 7, 2011

Writing on Wikinut and Publishing There

It seems that wikinut is a decent website, but I’ve got a few pages on Dracula and other legends there, so it should be rather interesting to read.  I can add this to one of the sites I write on, and earn money on, but it is a very slow method to get payments since they pay by impression and sometimes it takes a lot of effort to do this.  I’ve written about 70 articles there, and have made some income.

My latest article is about the Saxons of Transylvania which is found in Romania.  I must admit I’ve had the most fun with this as I’ve had in a long time.  It can’t get any better.

Expect for writing here and all about Dracula I suppose.  Still it is a fun way to publish and it gives me another means to have a bit of fun.  The key to this place is not to get all worked up when you make less than a penny a day, the key is to have fun and enjoy the ride.

After all your are getting published there.  I am able to be more tougue in cheek there, but be advised that you will have to do a lot of participating since most of what you make is based upon page impressions, and that makes you a bit of money.  Still here’s the question would you write there?



  1. I Have been writng there for a few days and have gotten all most a hundred views (a few days is 2 With only 3 articles written iits ok to participate the more you read the better you write

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