Posted by: rebeccae | February 1, 2011

Four Websites and You can publish on them, but will you?

Four websites which you can publish on and make money with: which one would you use?

Wikinut– This is an excellent website, you write small pages, between 400 to 1,000 words, then it is checked for content.  You are paid by page impressions.  This is a great first site for most writers, especially those who want to promote their writing and their blogs with online articles. Knowledge of social networking sites is a must here.  The more traffic you get to this site, and more likely you will make money.  The more popular the articles then there is more money.  Your followers are also informed of your newly published pages.

Squidoo– Another great writing site, be advised that it was originally devised for charity so you can make money, but you will find that your lenses (as your mini website is known as) is harder to find or be promoted if there is not a bit of charity percentage given.  It is a bit harder to work with as opposed to wikinut, but still a great site.  You make money based upon overall page ranking, so the higher the page rank the better.  It also helps to have friend vote and like it.

 Hubpages– This is also a great site to try, and like wikinut and squidoo.  You write hubs on various topics that can potentially make you money.  Now they do not pay you directly, but they do pay you if some one clicks on your Google AdSense ads or amazon or eBay.  Please note a bit more knowledge about how the search engines work are a must with this site, if you want to make money or get paid more frequently.  A Mian Key To Success is the type of profile you put up.  This makes all the difference in terms of traffic to your work and making money long-term

 Bukisa-  Another site, similar to wikinut, there used to be an index which you followed that you tells you how much money you can make per 1,000 impressions. However recently they have chenged their format and you will need to have either Google AdSense or Chickita to make moneyw ith them.  The pages are between 200-500 words.

 There you have it will you think of using these websites to make money with?  Would you say no to one and yes to others?


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