Posted by: rebeccae | January 27, 2011

So Do You Know Your Money Goals?

There seems to be a big discussion about writing on blogs, should you write a blog, and should you make money with that blog?  What most people do not remember is that like a book, publishing a blog is a process.  That process can be long or short, but the truth is if your goal is to make money, a blog is an interesting way to go about it.

There are of course hundreds of ways to make money with your writing and most people will eventually make money with their work, but the truth is that it takes time to do this.  So, let us take a look at a few blogs and the ways that you can make money with them.

1) Putting Google AdSense ads on your work: Okay for the most part this is an idea which in theory works well.  The only trouble with this is that it does take a long time, and you will have to increase your traffic quite a bit to make money with your blog this way.

2) Links and Traffic:  If you have AdSense, it is a beginning to your money goals.  The key thing is that people must find your blog or know why it is unimportant you and then to them.  Writing has its own challenges, but to make your online business life easier you will have to be willing to add links to your work to get more traffic to come… which in turn makes your money.

3) knowing what Traffic makes you money:  This is as important to you as building links and other means to get traffic to your site.  It is a process, and one which you will need to be serious about.  If you make $5 a month on your website or blog, if you find out which traffic gets you that money you can learn to focus your energies on getting more of that traffic.

4) Knowing why your traffic comes back or does not come back.  Another part to building your business and making money is knowing why.  Why can be as simple as going to say Google Analytics and finding out how many people come to your website or blog, and how long they stay.  It is easy to write a blog, but not knowing why you are getting the traffic you are getting can cause a good blog to be harder to write on.

5) Knowing and improving your money goals:  Sometimes it is a matter of improving your goals, by making them a bit more specific.  Be comfortable with these goals, and be willing to spend time building upon these goals.  It many ways it is like publishing a book, if you  know about each aspect of the process, you will see success sooner.


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