Posted by: rebeccae | January 24, 2011

Very Excited About Editing… Not So Excited About a Few Others…

My WIP is almost completed, and it is a sort of exciting moment, as very soon my up and down lief of publishing will change.  For now I am very excited to do the editing for my work.

I also write on hubpages, and that has caused me a little less excitement, since there have been a few copyright issues there.  I do make money there when I publish my work, but a few others feel that anything found on the Internet is “copyable”  sorry to say my hubs are copyrighted.  I’ve used my knowledge of publishing to effect and of course filed a few complaints.

Some are still ongoing, as a few people do not see publishing the way I do…   I suspect money has a lot to do with it, they seem to think money can be made by stealing others work.  No, links nothing.  While I do not mind that people refer others to my publsihed work, I do not like finding out that some steal work… thinking it will make them money.

still, I’ll throw this out, what do you do if you find something of yours is copied, with no reference to you and the work is totally copied?


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