Posted by: rebeccae | October 30, 2010

What Are Your Challenges in Terms of Networking and Promoting Online?

Writers have all heard of social networking as a means to showcase the work that they do online you do not need to go much farther than the Google search bar and type writing online to get more than a million sites that offer this very service.  This goes beyond blogs and other online writing sites (such as: Squidoo, HubPages, and smaller sites.)  We think of writing but we really do not think of our ability to network.

Unfortunately, writers tend to think of networking not in terms of online work, but of “real world” work. This is not the case, as the Internet harnesses the power of billions of traffic to billions of websites. The more you network the more your writing is showcased.  This needs to be done online as well.  This can be as simple as going to your Facebook page and adding a few likes to it, to going on social networking sites and adding links to your work there.  Then there is the level of participation that you decide you want to do with each site.  There are a lot of sites out there so promotion is both easy and complex at the same time.

For example: when we write about a topic on our blog or websites, we network with each other and hopefully others read this blog, or our other online work, which can fun to read, and some times this can be a harder thing to manage with time constraints and new technology. The real effort begins when we as writers decide that our writing needs an online network of readers who believe that our work is of value, which in turn can make us money, and when we publish our work, we know that this network will read our work.

Networking is simple, it is based upon participation but the end result is that you are promoting your work in a very fun way and by doing this without looking overly promotional you will get more people going to read your work and you will build your online business.  Your online business can build your “real world business, but you will need traffic and promotion and the ability to publish a lot of work, in a few different sites.  The choice to make then is what is more challenging the networking and promotion or the ability to write a quality blog or other online work, which will make you money in a reasonable period of time.


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