Posted by: rebeccae | October 11, 2010

How Publishing on Article Directories Can Help You

Ever written on an article directory yet? Have you considered that yet, or is it something that you really don’t want to consider as a possible way to get traffic and make a bit of money on your work?

Promotion of anything can be hard, and often this is because as writers and publishers we think inside the box, as they say.  This can make it harder to promote and make our work more visible to the online world, where the possibilities of publishing are endless.  Does that seem to be a possibility for you or others or is publishing something you think about only in terms of books.

So how does publishing on article directories help you or your work?

Simple, it is something where you can expand where you can make money, however indirectly and you are in fact publishing your work, but you are spreading it for free and that will expand the base of your readership far more than you can imagine.  So why will this help you?  This will help by increasing traffic to where you want people to come and read your work.  Take for example a freelance writer who has published some work online.  They need to get traffic so that the money that they need will come in on a more regular basis.

Be advised, that your work on the article directories is meant to be published elsewhere and people will want to look for your links to read more information about who and where you work is done.  A freelance writer has a publishing advantage over the competition they can write a lot and are used to writing a lot so this way the content is unique and original and people can place it on their blogs, with your link to some more unique content to your work.  It is simple and effective and the time that you spend building a few articles means that you can expand your business and your publishing earning faster than if you simply built up your blogs.

This is no to suggest that publishing on article directories will make you money but it is a way to think about how to increase traffic to your work that makes money a possibility by having your readers come from different sites and then you will have readers buy your books that you want to sell.  This is the possibility that writing on article directories offer to you.


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