Posted by: rebeccae | September 9, 2010

Can Writing Classes Help You Get Published?

Can writing classes help you get your work published?  Is it worth the money you intend to put out to take a course, either online or in a real-time class?  For the most part it is very beneficial, if you find the right class suited for your needs.  This means that a person on the cusp of publishing should take a more advanced course whereas a person who is simply beginning a writing journey needs to take a course suited to their needs.
It is beneficial if possible to take a writing course, and there are many to choose from, one from New York called Gotham Writers. They offer writing classes online, and courses which residents in the New York area can take. The teachers are all professional writers and they encourage the other students to comment, and for the most part the class gives a lot of good advice. The one thing that writers have found though that many newer writers are sensitive to critics, and often this is the key drawback for them to improve their work.  A writer should take note that with Gotham Classes, you can  not get a refund for your classes after a certain timeframe, so plan for critiques (some warranted and some a bit unfounded, but all useful) this is a good series of classes to take for the more advance writer who is about to publish their work.  If a writer wants to get the most out of this course, it is best not to mention too may accolades you have received.
Another online writing class many writers  have taken is writers online workshops, (now known as writers university), it has small class sizes, the teachers comments are helpful. Many writers recommend this as a good group to go to for those who are starting out with their writing and publishing career. All of their teachers, like Gotham writers are professional writers.  The format is good and easy to use, and since it allows writers from many different countries to apply, a writer can be from say Sweden and work with a writer from Japan.  The drawback is that most people do find that the best constructive comments are from the teachers and not from the students.  Perhaps because they are also learning, however this is a good first step to publishing.

Both these groups have a lot to offer new and more experienced writers in their journey to publishing, but to get the most out of these course, writers need to really know where they are in terms of their writing, as someone who has written for ten years might still have less experience than someone who has consistently written for the past three years.



  1. Thank you Rebecca, I have been looking at the Writer’s University because the online classes I hope will give me the flexibility I need to work around my job.
    From your post, it sounds like a good choice.

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