Posted by: rebeccae | August 27, 2010

Three Methods to Publish a Book

All writers will face the day when they want to become a published author. They are then faced with a question, should they publish? If they do publish their novel, or short story or book, where should they go to have it published? There are many choices, that they need to think about, but really, it boils down to three methods for publishing the book they have worked so hard on.

Below are the three methods which writers can decide upon to enter the world of publishing:

1) Self-publish an e-book: This is becoming the most popular method of publishing, some writers will simply pit together a small e-book where people can download it and read the e-book at their own time. Of course, the writer can choose to charge a fee or not for this method. The drawback to e-books is that if you are not as this method, while popular can be very challenging. There are many software programs to help decrease this challenge but once you have done this method a few times, many writers will find that it is the most rewarding, as publishing an e-book is fast and reasonably easy with time.

2) Self-Publish a book: Now, this can be done with the first method, but it can also be done as something on its own. This is a great option for writers who have nonfiction books. It is also good for fiction writers but both writers need to learn how to publicize the books that they have published. This is not to suggest that any writers should use the many vanity presses out there, as often they are over priced (See Author House or iUniverse for some of the higher priced packages they offer) and the money that is spent publishing your book is best spent marketing your work yourself.

3) Traditional Publishing: This is still a very popular method, to publish a book, but as the growth of the e-books, and the ability for writers to promote their writing via other methods of publishing, it is a harder method to become a published author with traditional publishing. This is because the writer will have to write a query letter and normally get an agent (although this is changing)

Again no matter where you publish, it is important to know that promotion is a must to make money with your published book. The more promotion you put into which ever method you choose the more likely you will succeed in your publishing.


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