Posted by: rebeccae | July 11, 2010

How Improving Your Writing Improves Your Publishing Chances

We all love to write, and some of us have a better writing ability than others, but there is something that we all should take note of. If you improve your writing skills, you will improve your business. The only way you do not have to worry about a business or a blog that will be a business, is when the audience is no more than you and your best friend.  Otherwise you need to consider yourself a published author with an online platform.

It is  like writing letters to the general public. By improving my writing skills over the years, it has helped me build a more credible base with other writers. What would you do to improve your writing skills?

There is always reading another writers blog, you can gain a lot from someone else and their writing. You can also learn the talents that you have and improve the way you write and publish faster this way.  By making a point of looking at others blogs and online work, you can see where your weaknesses and your strengths are, and you can make certain what you are improving upon is really where it needs to be improved.
Next there are the hundreds of writing courses that one can take to improve your writing skills to the point that you can publish a book.  By doing this how does that improve your business? If  you are a writer, this will give you plenty more ideas on new stories and novels, and a better way to publish the books you are writing. This will improve your business, as a writer, by making you more credible.

Taking a writing course will not only improve your writing skills, but also encourage you to write a better blog or book but also feel that you can be successful in the publishing industry. What it boils down to is this: We all need to improve our writing skills, and we all need to, improve our writing business. We want to be published, and our blogs are published by us. This is why people need to think of their blogs as being published material.
There are even courses on how to improve your writing skills in the areas of query letters, to writing a marketing plan, to writing a better blog, and a better book. All this will improve your writing skills, but also improve your chances of being published, and seeing success.



  1. I very much agree with your suggestion to read other people’s blogs for writing ideas and help. I read your post in Readomatic and then decided to check out your blog. Imagine my surprise to find you use the same theme that I do. Affirming because I was just thinking of changing mine, but I like the look of yours. A lot! So that’s another reason to check out other blogs: see how others use the themes. Thanks!

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