Posted by: rebeccae | July 7, 2010

Fiction Writing and Publishing: Easy or Hard?

For many writers there is a view of publishing where they have a sort of compartments where you need to go to different publishers to get a fiction book published or a non fiction book published.  For the most part this holds true for new authors of the various genres and styles of writing.  Most writers who want to publish have the book known as the writers market close by to look at the information provided in this book.  It is an invaluable resource for all writers and even having a copy of the pervious years version is often very helpful.

Still fiction writing and publishing is something many writers want to do.  It is possible that they want to write fiction since in the media there are more success stories about writers who have made a lot of money with their fiction novels.  There is not as many stories of authors who write nonfiction in the media.  In fact according to many literary agents it is often far easier to break into the non-fiction publishing industry than it is to break into the fiction publishing industry.

If you intend to self-publish the question becomes something more interesting.  If you are writing fiction and intend to self-publish, will you be able to sell books?  This is not referring to a vanity press where you will not make back your initial investment but the actual process of self-publishing your fiction novel.  For self-publishing you will need to have your own ISBN and your own business plan which includes the timeline for editing and writing and publishing and marketing your work.

Still, I believe that in some ways it is easier to write and publish fiction than it is to do the same with non-fiction.  Often writers take the view that they can only write and publish in one type of writing (in this case, non-fiction or fiction.) In reality there are many successful fiction writers who have branched out into nonfiction and the reverse is true.  Publishing fiction is all about passion and you will need a lot of passion to build a name and a reputation for yourself.  That is where most new authors do not like the publishing process: the time needed to see success in the fiction world.

At the same time it is harder to publish fiction because of the time that it takes to publish and to market a work of fiction as opposed to a nonfiction piece.  The very thing that makes writers want to see money right away is the very thing that stops them from seeing publishing success in the fiction world.


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