Posted by: rebeccae | June 30, 2010

Publishing a Book??? When You Do Not Want to Hear

There are so many wonderful blogs about writing out there, and I might be a small fish in a big pond, but I still find it important to write about the basics ever so often. The biggest thing which I believe that people forget is at the same time it is hard to get a book published it is also easy to get a book published, a paradox I know. It’s an interesting thing this book publishing industry. Of course there are so many thing that a writer can do, but of everything one thing always sticks out in mind.  What we think of our own books.

The biggest thing is one which a writing teacher told me: “Your first draft isn’t publishable. You need to drop about 150 off this manuscript.” No not words, she didn’t mean words. She didn’t mean paragraphs, that would have been nice, she meant 150 pages. Yes 150 pages, just cut them, they did not do anything for the book, which was at the time 250 pages all together.  Now, in hindsight she was right.  At the time however I felt that this manuscript was good enough to publish. 

I was mad, I thought my writing was good, and it wasn’t and this was the 3rd draft, and I am still working on it. I have to mention Colin at this point, a great poet, and a wonderful writer, and who has graciously let me read his work. I recall my teacher saying the same thing, and Colin making the same comments as me.

What a difference ten years makes on a writer! Still by listening to my teacher way back then I have become a better writer and I have learned the best compliment can be found in criticism. So the for the basics: Listen to others, especially the ones who really want you to succeed, be wary of those who say you can’t write, but take everything with a grain of salt. What about for you?

Is publishing a book hard or is it easy for you?  Can you take critics or better yet know who is going to help you.  In my example my writing teacher had courage to point out that it would take a lot or a miracle, to get published with the work the way it was.  Yes, there are times when you need to think about who is wanting you to succeed and publish a book, but for those who get invalubale advice, publsihing a book is great.


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