Posted by: rebeccae | June 23, 2010

Step by Step Guide to Self-Publishing

I have to say this right now. Christine is a great writer and her work is very well done. I do recommend this book to people who are intending to publish but also intending to think about self-publishing. I’m thinking about it, and it might be a great way to go.

It can be ordered through amazon

Great work done, and it is a good read. Now, with what she gives, it is an interesting story. She is very quick to point out that there are many benefits to self-publishing, but she also does point out the pitfalls that can happen with self-publishing.

I recommend it for anyone who wants to self-publish or for anyone who wants to learn more about what publishing is really all about. I learned a lot about publishing, some of it I didn’t know, for example the power of ISBNs.

The one thing that is missing int his book is an overview of some other self-publishing companies other than create space. I would have loved to see a big chapter on why Create Space is better than others. Over all this didn’t affect the reading of the book though.

This is a really great book a quick and easy read, and yet, I’ve learned so much with it. I recommend this book even if you are traditionally publishing.  It gives an idea from everything to print size to what you need to know to make a book a success.  She makes things easy and makes everyone understand why you need to think about Create Space.


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