Posted by: rebeccae | June 14, 2010

Publishers can be our Best Friend

When one wants to publish their work they want to do this, as the old song goes, their way.  Some times this is not a bad thing,  it is more of a thing where you want to be published, and you have your own ideas how that goes.  That is when most authors begin to look at the self-publishing world.  For some they will go to Google and type in “self-publishing” and hope that some thing will come up in terms of what they need.

Otherwise, they will go to a place where it look as if the online world might see them, in other words they will publish an e-book and hope that traffic will come to their work.  This is not as simple as it first appears, and then they begin the long search for help.  Others, will look into the self-publishing arena, and decide that perhaps it isn’t what they want to do with their work.

This is when they begin to look at traditional publishers, a small press for example.  Often small presses are overlooked since they are small and do not seem to have what the big traditional publishing companies have.  What these small presses do have in a connection to them, a more “personal” touch.  One can go to a small press with a book that will do well, but not make too much money.  Although a small press will not have a marketing budget like say, Random House might, they are one thing that Random House is not.

If you are willing they can be your best friend.  They have time to give pointers and allow you some leeway in terms of marketing, mostly because you will by this time have a blog or something which will encourage people to come, see your book and then buy your book.  Of course in the online world it is all about traffic and choice, and the challenge that most authors have is to get that traffic which will buy the book.

The goal of course is to have some help editing and a bit of marketing guidance and a lot of expertise in an area which might not be your favorite part.  You need to show your best of course but at the same time you need to be willing to go the extra mile.  A publisher is there not to sell your book, at least not all the way but they are there to advise and to work with you, and if you do the steps they ask you, yes they can be our best friend.


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