Posted by: rebeccae | June 13, 2010

Create Space and Publishing

I am a big on publishing, and  I love to learn the intricacies of publishing.  In fact it was another person who showed me about Create Space and what it can do for me and for others.  I have had a long look around Create Space, and for the most part there seems to be a lot which a self-publisher would like about it, and there are other things which a self-publisher might not like as much.

So, For the good things about Create Space:  it Gives you plenty of options which many self-publishers can use, for a fee of course, and it is not in a package.  If you as a writer would prefer for create Space to edit your work, then you have that option.  You can also go to a professional editor of your choice, and have it edited there.  There is more freedom of choice.  For a fee you can have Create Space help you with design, or not.  They also have a very active forum which you can ask and answer questions on.  If you do not want to go through the trouble of getting and buying your own ISBN Create Space does offer you some choice, you can their ISBN number and still produce your work.  The other thing I have noticed, is that you will also have your book listed on amazon, which is a big plus, it allows more reader to find you, as long as your title is something they can find in a search.  Also, when you buy books, you can get books, as in for the most part the only thing which you have to pay for through Create Space is the PDF proof.

For the not so good things about Create Space:  It is a business, so as with all businesses you need to know what you need and what you do not need.  The idea is that you will plan to have some sort of plan for marketing and selling your book.  Some will say the money comes to them pretty quick where as others will argue a bit of marketing is involved in everything.  As Create Space does allow you to decide if you want to use some of their products it is buyer beware, and buyer think before you buy, as from what some publishers have said it is cheaper in the long run to have your work edited else where.  So sometimes it does take a bit more study into what works and does not work in Create SPace.

For the most part, the benefits out weigh the cons.  So go and have a look at Create Space and make you choice.



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