Posted by: rebeccae | June 10, 2010

Does Writing Online make you a Published Author?

I write online, as in I write a blog and have an online presence, and it is important to me to showcase my work somewhere and somehow.  Yet, at the same time the idea that I write online on a blog or write online articles, does not, for the most part mean that I am a published author… or does it?

Does writing online make you a published author?  this is a yes and no answer to say the least.  The reason it is both yes and no is because of the style of writing that one does.  So it is best to break it down into two groups, yes writing online makes you a published author or no it does not.  There will be reasons for this but I will go into detail as to why.

Yes:  If your goal is to showcase your writing or a book which you have published than yes, you are a published author when you write online.  In fact by writing on a blog or by writing online articles, this means at its most basic sense you are a published author which can be parlayed into showing the traditional publishers that you have a network which you can rely on to buy your books.  It also means that you can use your expertise on writing online to expand on your books which you have written to a larger audience. One can also say that they are self-publishing their works to an audience which that have researched and targeted.

No:  When you write something for the sole purpose to market a website or an online article to make money based upon the content or keywords, then no, you are not a published author.  Often these worlds will collide, and a content writer will face the challenges of self-publishing, but they will focus on words in terms of marketing or making money online or the thing that they intend to sell which is not book or writing related.  This is not to suggest that their work is not great, and is often better written than some writers but their goals are not the same as some one whose focus is on a published material which is where most of their money comes from.

So, writing online does that make you a published author?  Again it depends on what your focus is.  That should tell you your answer quickly and soundly.  For my own personal answer almost any writing done online will make you a published author, as you will hit the “publish” button on your blog to “publish” your work.


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