Posted by: rebeccae | June 5, 2010

What Would a Publisher Do?

Many people who want to self-publish seem to believe a certain myth that of “self-publishing is fast and easy and anyone can do it.”  Of course, while it does take a faster time frame to produce a book, this does not mean that the book is good in terms of editing or plot or characters or facts.  There is a fine art to writing but to be a publisher in terms of self-publishing a book the art is even finer.

I like to ask myself when I write or do some basic marketing, this question: What would a publisher do?

If you are self-publishing, then by default you are a publisher.  It is that simple, then the question really becomes what would I do?  What would I do to make my book a success I believe it deserves as a book I have both written and published.  For some it means having a marketing plan or having the networks they want to sell to ready.

What else would a publisher?  For one thing get an editor and double, or triple check fact and spelling and grammar.  Getting an editor who is both a professional and some one who understands the art of the style of writing you are doing is important as well.  That should be done with as much care as you would put into writing your work.

Next, a publisher would write-up a marketing plan for the book.  It does not help any book get sales if you simple plan to publish it and hope that you will get a few sales here and there.  If it is a basic marketing plan it should span about ten months, from editing your book to the beginnings of marketing the book before you publish it.  Publish your work when you can be certain you will have a few basic sales.

Next, a publisher– in this case you– will have an ISBN for their book.  If you are going to Create Space or Lighting Source make certain you can use your own ISBN, as this is what makes you a publisher, not the published book.

Next, you, the publisher, will learn a few things about publishing, the terms the ways a book can be published and why ti needs to be published in a particular format.  You should learn about sizing and trim and why each size will produce a different sales to readers.  A book which is 200 pages long in a 8 by 10 inch format will seem short in comparison to a book of the same written length but has a trim size of 6 by 9 inches.

Always ask yourself, what would a publisher do?  This is the best way to produce the best work you can.


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