Posted by: rebeccae | June 3, 2010

Why Should I Publish?

Why should I publish?  It is not the same question as asking wy should I write?  The difference is small but is profound.  For most the simple explanation is what I write a should be published, but for others, it is what I write should be published, but maybe later, or never.

Some writers are passionate about their work and want to see commercial success, which means that they envision a part of their work being a part of the published world, to be that published author.  Still the question becomes more pertinent when the time to decided what should and should not be published comes into play.

Writers will ask why should I publish?  why should I showcase my writing in a more formal format, this being a book that the general public will read.  This can be the beginning of a long-term thing,  such as writing and publishing and doing this for a living.  It can be as simple as self-publishing a small family history where a few family members will read and enjoy your hard work.

It can be marketing that challenging and wonderful fiction work that you wanted to have published by a large traditional publisher and after many years achieved your goal.  It can simply be proving to yourself, and others, that you are indeed a writer whose work is valued by other enough to make them buy– or give– you an advance on your work.  It can be the series which you love to do and have proven that you should publish this book.

So, why should I publish?

To dream big, to love what you do and to show that what you do has value to others.  Part of publishing means that there are challenges, the time it takes for a book to get published by a company, the editing and rewriting, the research you did to make a book a reality.  The passion you display to write the book is just as important as the passion you need to show others that you can publish a book.

In the end, it does not matter if you publish by a traditional publisher, or self-publish a book, the how does not matter.  It is the what and the why I am publishing that matters.  It is like writing, the more you write, the more powerful you can make you life.  The more you publish the more reasons you will find to continue to write, and the less challenges you have to face.

Simply put make a plan and stick to it write what you want to write, and then yes publish your work.


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