Posted by: rebeccae | June 2, 2010

Publishing and Marketing can You Make Money using Marketing?

I had a grand old debate with my writing friends over dinner, and I will paraphrase a few important point which were made about the idea of writing and publishing. It was interesting to view the comments we as writers have on the publishing industry where we would all love to see our writing. Writers want to be published, they feel the need to say that they are a published author but they do forget that there is more to publishing than simply, publishing a book.

The main topic was if writing and publishing a book were done, and then you marketed that published book would it mean you would make a lot of money.  Now we defined money as being more than a ten percent return on what your advance was in terms of a traditional publishers advance. Below are three points which were debated and commented on.

— Publishing and book and marketing the book correctly will make more than your advance: Most of us agreed with said statement, however the one person who has more experience marketing pointed out this was not the case, since you might spend more marketing than you would make a profit.  The case was when a book is not marketed by the publisher and you have to market the book to get the sales that they would need to help get another book published.  The other point was that the writers who used a vanity press often will be told to buy a bigger package with more marketing than what they could possibly get in return.

— Publishing online and getting the book on amazon is a great start but you also need more.  That more is more marketing and more exposure on as many sites as you can do.  For writers with blogs amazon allow for the ability to add a widget with the book they want to sell.  This way traffic from the blog will possibly buy their book as well.  I would add that they need 

— Publishing is easy, but marketing costs money. This was the big one it divided us. I will tell you that from where I stood, publishing is easy, but marketing may not cost money, sometimes there is such as thing as free marketing in the style of book reviews, and contests.  Yet, a writer needs to go beyond simple free, no cost marketing, you do need to spend a bit of money, carefully of course to make your published book a success.

You can read more about publishing and making money here.


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