Posted by: rebeccae | May 31, 2010

Self-Publishing: Can You Make a Profit?

It is one of the biggest questions most writers and published authors face.  It is the question of money, or more specifically the question of profit.  can a published book make a profit? The easiest answer is yes, most books can make anyone a profit but there is something which most writers do not factor into making money with their books: the time factor.

Often this time factor is not thought of simply because the myth of the publisher will do it for me exists.  in other words there is the belief that the publisher who is publishing your work will promote and market it and make you a profit, and all you as the writer need to do is, well smile and go to author book signings and the book will sell itself.

The reality is much different, often without hard work from the author, a book will not sell, they need to believe in their work and network and market on their own as well.  They need to do this to make the money they want to make.  Of course many self-published authors are very intelligent and understand the law of averages in terms of self-publishing, so they work all that much hard to see success.

The same holds true for self-publishing, but only more so.  A self-published author needs to do more, marketing and promotion and extra work to make a profit.  In fact the ones who do sell self-published books make mention that while the book might sell itself, the work behind it, such as a blog or a website.  They need to use the power of networking more than with a traditionally published book.

This takes time and energy but most of the people who do use the self-publishing route say with careful management they can, and do, make a profit on their writing.  As with everything self-publishing is an alternative to traditional publishing.  there are as many “rules” involved and as many hours spent if not more, but to make a profit you as the published author need to be “visible”

That factor is important, you must be visible to others, and your writing must be great.  Still, there is one author who does this and more, she runs a blog called the publishing maven and one of her books I use as my basis for more expert advice on Create Space.  Her book is self-published and tells how you can self-publish as well.  It is well written and explains a bit more about Create Space.

The best way to make a profit, is to market yourself and your book, but more to the point, market you and your writing.  People will come when they know you and know that you have been “seen” by others.


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