Posted by: rebeccae | May 29, 2010

Is Publishing Books Easier to Plan than Do?

I have often wondered about this fact: why does it take one writer a long time to get the book they are so passionate about published and another mere months when they both use the same method of publishing? In this example I will use self-publishing as the basis.

I believe the difference is the point of view on the challenges that each person has towards publishing.  It is also the knowledge that each writer has about the publishing industry in general.  Often the idea that a writer has is that they write the book and edit it, at least a bit, and then the professional will take over.  This often is not the case, as it does take time and money for professional to edit or design something for you.

Self-publishing is easy to plan, same as with publishing, but it is the art of doing which is harder.  Most writers come in with the idea  that the biggest challenge to publishing a book is the writing and editing of the book. They do not often think that publishing takes equally as long.  The difference is that one writer expects that there will be challenges in publishing and has prepared for them.  They plan out a map of how their book will be published.  They keep an eye out for editors and for which self-publishing company offers them the most options.

The writers who are not prepared to self-publish or do not know much about publishing a book, seem to have the most challenges, which makes the theory that publishing books are easier to plan than to do.  Often, I would argue, that it is simply a matter of learning the ropes while writing the book.  Know what a query letter is know which publishing house is in the market for the book which you are writing.  Know which self-publishing companies are not really self-publishing companies but vanity presses.

Know what is a large publishing company, what is a mid-sized publishing company, what is a small press, what is a self-publishing company and what is a vanity press.  If this list confuses you, I’ll give you an example Random House this is large publishing company, where as Create Space is self-publishing company provided you have your own ISBN.  Knowing what the terms mean make the “doing” of publishing a book much easier.  In the self-publishing world you will only get one chance to provide you readers with something great.  Know what type of publishing you are going to do, either when you publish nonfiction or fiction

Planning a good publishing experience is important, probably more so when you plan to self-publish.  Not only will it make the publishing easier to do, it will also allow you to avoid challenges that you do not know how to overcome.  In the end it will even save you money.



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