Posted by: rebeccae | May 28, 2010

Why Publish NonFiction?

Last night I was asked a question: why publish nonfiction, as it is harder to write and often harder and longer to get the book published.  This need not be the case in all part of writing and publishing nonfiction.  In fact I am currently in the process of writing two nonfiction books, which I intend to publish.  Yes it does take a bit longer to write, but the things have learned about writing will help me in another area, writing fiction.  Since writing and publishing are linked, it is important that one learns the ropes for both media, writing and publishing.

I would imagine that the publishing process for nonfiction will be similar to the process of writing it, I will learn a lot.  As I have chosen to publish in the traditional publishing industry with one of my books, and the self-publishing industry with the other, I suspect that the learning curves for both will be dramatically different and that I will still learn a lot about each industry.  I say two industries since there are many differences between the traditional and self-publishing industries.

I am not suggesting that to publish nonfiction is easier than publishing fiction, but I believe it is a stepping stone to publishing a great fiction novel.  When you publish nonfiction there is more of a chance to have a “bestseller” with your name on it, and self-published nonfiction books seem to be less frowned upon versus their counterpart, fiction novels.  There are different ways to write fiction and nonfiction, and there are possibly just as many way to publish fiction and nonfiction.

The important thing is never say I give up on your dream to publish nonfiction.  Often the reason we publish is to show the world that we do have a creative side and that our work is something that we believe needs to be shown to the world.

Nonfiction is telling a story which is true.  There are many ways you can publish it, from e-books which you can sell on your blogs or go into a larger market where you can see your book at a bookstore.  The topics for nonfiction are endless.  From computers to how to books, history to religion, the possibilities are endless.  The route which is taken when you publish nonfiction is equal in the variety. ( You can publish e-books, articles – online or otherwise, books, ect.)

Why publish nonfiction?

It is a good way to learn about what you can do with your writing and your publishing goals.  It is a lot easier as a first time author to sell a nonfiction book than a fiction book.  All one must to is write and publish that book.



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