Posted by: rebeccae | May 27, 2010

Five Reasons to Consider Self-Publishing

There is always a big debate about traditional publishing and self-publishing, but when your book is not getting readers, whatever way you had used to publish this book will look worse than the other option.  There are many time when self-publishing or when a writer should consider self-publishing.  Below are five reasons when and why a writer should consider self-publishing.

1) When the writers knows and understands what is and is not self-publishing: Self-publishing means an ISBN of your own and one where you are involved in the process of writing, and editing, and designs and all else in between.  A vanity press is something to be avoided.  These are the “self-publishing companies” which seem to look as if they are self-publishing companies but really they are not.  One red flag that should tell most would be self-publishing authors that this is a vanity press is the number of books one will receive for the price they are paying.  (So Sixty free books, but it costs you $5000 is a vanity press. End of Story)

2) When you understand the market is small:  A lot of poetry books are great for self-publishing as often there is not a big market for poetry.  One the other hand, a fiction book is not a good idea for self-publishing since a lot of time and energy will be spent trying to get a small audience from a “big name.”   Nonfiction is one sort of book which could be traditionally published or self-published, again one must know the market.  There must be some research and knowledge about a book an author is writing.

3) When you have done your market reasearch and understand the possibilities:  This is where dreams hit the facts.  Can a book you have written be for a publishers, either a large publishers, or a small press.  Can it be self-published and have a return on the investment you have made for it?  Are you willing to do more to make it happen and write and learn to publicize and promote you as an author and you as a writer and you as an internet personality?  Can you handle these things?

4)  When you have both time and a bit of money:  A lot of writers will choose self-publishing when there have been countless rejections from traditional publishers, but often it is a good idea to see why this particular book is being rejected.  If many of the rejections are form letters or do not offer concrete suggestions, this means a lot of editing and rewriting is in order.  If you are going to self-publish without a professional editor, do not self-publish.  If you have done research and have had some one professionally edit your work and critique it and also comment on it, and then have done some marketing then, self-publishing is something you can reasonably do.

5) Do you have the passion to deal with the challenges of self-publishing?:  If this you can answer with a yes, then self-publishing is something you can do, and can enjoy the process of doing.  Considering self-publishing means that you have to consider the possibility of both success and not as much success. Setting up a marketing plan and understand what is and is not a self-publishing company will help you in you drive to self-publish, but you as a writer need to be passionate about what you have written and edited and plan to publish.

Know you market and understand what will and will not work in self-publishing and if it is right for you, then go for the dream you have of publishing your own book.  There are many ways to get traffic to a blog, but these can also be used to get “traffic” to a book.



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