Posted by: rebeccae | May 18, 2010

Can Traffic to a Blog Help your Published Book Sales?

Someone asked me about writing and blog, or more to the point they want to promote their published book on their blog, but they want to get the traffic to buy their book.  It seems on the surface something that is simple, but really it is a bit more complex than that.  Traffic, be it from search engines of from a link that a potential reader has clicked on means something, and there are ways to make reader aware of your book.  Traffic to a blog can help your published book in terms of sales, but you must do a bit of work to get that traffic. 

1) Get links to your blog;  This is by far the most important, so for example you need to add  your blog to social networking sites such as Stumble Upon or Digg, but beyond that look around, writing online articles will also get traffic to your blog.  This becomes more important the more you want to promote your writing and your book.  Of course traffic is one thing, but there should be other factors included in traffic.

2) The Content of your blog should also focus on the book:  Do not re-write the book on your blog, but your traffic should get an idea of how your book can help them.  If your book is about publishing, make certain some part of your blog relate to this.  If you book is about the online world, publishing a blog about it makes more people come.  Again in this case the better the content the more likely your traffic will sticks around and potentially buy a book.

3) Your traffic has to “see” your book:  This is a fine art, too much “mess” and no traffic will look for a book on your site, too much promotion and traffic will leave very quickly.  Too little done with your book and your readers will not know why they came to your blog in the first place.  Traffic from search engines look for something that they need.  In other words, your blog should help them even if they do not buy a book of yours.  Make certain that your published posts will be clear and will lead to other posts on your blog.  As in link between posts, not only for ease of use on the site, but because even if this particular post does not help a reader, they might find it on another post.

4) Put what you intend to sell somewhere where a Reader will find it:  Traffic is fickle.  In other words, if you want traffic to stay long enough to buy a book, or another product, you need to have it somewhere where they will see it.  You often only have about 2 seconds to get traffic to stay on your blog.  Updates are important and so is the interaction of comments and other things.  Updating a blog can be once a week or each day, but it always needs to be updated, otherwise people will not come back.

5) Understand the value of return traffic:  In this case you have them “hooked” and they will come back, and potentially comment or buy that book.  Have something of value for return traffic.  Which is why linking between posts is a good thing, and why updates are of value.  Make certain that comments are clear of spam, and that your focus on your blog and on your products are good, so that traffic will come again.  Writing great content is important in the beginning, so take time to make certain you give the best value to all your traffic, and encourage them to buy that book, because yes traffic to your blog will help book sales.

Think of your blog as the art of publishing nonfiction.  The better you deal with traffic the more it comes, and the more likely it will buy your products, in this case your book.



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