Posted by: rebeccae | May 12, 2010

Get Traffic: Three Simple Steps

There are three simple steps to getting traffic to a website or a blog. Of all the suggestions that a writer or a person who wants to get traffic to these places I believe that there are three simple steps to doing this. One is creating good content, another is linking correctly, and the last is dedication to promotion of a quality site via other means of the Internet such as online articles.

Each step requires work, but to get traffic there needs to be a goal set each month. For example if your blog is only getting 10 visits a month, but you would like to get 1,000 visitors a month to this blog, there will be a lot of time and effort that you must do. Part of that is building and creating a great site where people want to come and then come back again.

These steps are not about how to get comments on a blog post, of course that is important, but how to get the traffic you need on to the site sooner. There is a time factor to this even with these simple steps, but with a goal in mind, publishing some great content is the beginning of your journey.

1) Write good, quality content for your blog or site: This is by far the most important piece to getting any traffic, if people do not see your content is good and has value to them they will not stay and they will not comment or do anything that you might envision them doing for you. Content is a must, the length of the posts also matter, as there needs to be just enough to make the reader want more. Content, is as they say, king. This is the frist step to getting traffic that will be exactly what you want it to be. have a written goal of what, where and who of your traffic. Create content that work for these areas.

2) Create links to your site: Getting traffic is about getting visitors, so once you have great content you need some great links to your site. It is important to get traffic to your site, or there will be no simple way that the traffic you have now will continue to come.  Links are similar to having a map to a place.  If your site or blog is not on the map, no one will find it.  A link creates a “road” or a point on the map.  Begin with a simple link to the social networking sites that are found anywhere online.  The next step is to subscribe to others.  Make yourself visible on the social networking sites.  This is a simple and effective way to get traffic to a blog.

3) Know who your site is for:  If your blog or website is about publishing, you need to focus on getting traffic from readers who wan tot learn about publishing.  A simple way to do this is to keep the topic of your posts or your content on things that people who want to publish need.  It is best that you write out a few articles that work well with your site.  Another way to get the traffic you want is to look to Google or another search engine, there you can type in a few keywords and see what comes up.  For the more advanced writers, you can use Google AdWords to look at the keywords people who are looking for a publishing site would use. say publishing non-fiction or another keyword.  this will get traffic from the sources that you want.  This does take time, but often by using these three simply steps together you will be able to see traffic sooner than expected.



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