Posted by: rebeccae | May 11, 2010

The Power of Publishing

I have often heard of the idea of the power of writing, of writing something so great it lives on long after we are dead.  the sort of passion that can inspire and create new writers.  Every writer dreams of this type of writing.  There is something about that dream that seems to me to be a bit off the mark.  It is writing that is one thing, but I believe that writers forget the power of publishing.

It is the power of publishing that makes the writing– the passion– live on, as a manuscript in a box does not live on in the minds and the hearts of others, it needs to go out and be published and have other people read it.  Do not leave that power to chance.  More often than not it will be thrown out if a writer is not careful.  if you do not tell others your dreams of publishing often a piece of writing will look to others as just that– a piece of writing, not something that a writer put their heart and soul into writing.  This is where the power of publishing comes into play.

The power of publishing also extends to a writer who dreams are smaller than a legacy.  Many writers dream of opening a box and inside there are books with their names on the front.  At that point it does not matter who reads it, rather to them it is the feeling that yes this writer has in fact developed into something greater, a published author.  The challenges of writing and editing and re-writing seem small in comparison with the feeling that their potential in this book is there.  It is in their hands and they can touch this book.

That is the power of publishing.  In fact, I believe that there is less of a chance for sorrow in something that was written with passion and mixed with courage and then published, as the writer understands that in a way they have succeeded in their dreams.

The power of publishing is far easier now than it was many years ago when people who published had most of their books published through a traditional publisher.  Now with the advent of self-publishing, more writers can enjoy the power that comes with publishing their manuscripts and taking some control in this power.

Some writers will say that writing is like creating a child, and that for them self-publishing gives birth to this creation far sooner than what they would have expected with a traditional publisher.  Other writers believe that writing and then having their book published by a traditional publisher is the only way to prove to themselves that their work, their creative work is valid.

The power of publishing allows for these feelings and allows other to see what writing can create.  It can create almost anything from wealth, and money, to pride and more passion for the art of writing and publishing.  When writers write they should envision publishing, even if it means that they write one very special thing and publish it.  That is the power of publishing.


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