Posted by: rebeccae | May 11, 2010

Publishing Fiction or Nonfiction: Three Things to Remember

When publishing anything, be it a book or an online article there are three things to remember.  You are either publishing fiction or nonfiction, but the ways to get people to know that you have published some type of work is by marketing and knowing what makes a great piece of writing.  it is the publishing which counts.  Publishing is vital to any writer.

There are three things to remember when you are publishing:

1) Everything that you do either online or not online and it is for the public is considered published:  Most writers do not think that marketing a writing blog is important until they think about the fact that they are publishing their blogs.  People need to see their work and they need to understand that in the end there need to be some money made for the work that writers put out.  Even if it means that writing online articles becomes a daily practice they are still publishing.  They must remember that this impression is important to them and that they need to take time and energy in promotion of their published work.  It is understandable that a writer will simply want to write and publish their work, but a bit of marketing goes a long way.  Going to an online article place will help with that, as you can establish yourself as a good published author.

2) Yes editing before publishing is important:  For blogs it can be as simple as hitting a spell check button before hitting the publish button.  For self-publishers who intend to publish a book editing is even more important.  In fact if you intend to self-publish re-read your work and then get a professional editor to edit your work.  There are many online editors you can find.  Follow their advice.  That is critical in success of a published piece.Edit it more than once, and get someone else to edit it for you. Not everything will be caught but the effort in editing must be made.  The editor must have experience in editing either fiction or nonfiction, and must edit in the style you are writing.  For example if you write a nonfiction book in narrative style and the editor you get specializes in fiction, you will disagree with their suggestion beyond grammar and spelling.

3) Publishing fiction and nonfiction have different timelines:  Although there is a particular time when a book should be published, say in the fall or spring, there is an important timeframe for each publishing style.  Often most would be authors do not understand that to publish a nonfiction book takes longer as it is more labor intensive than publishing a fiction novel. Understand that beyond editing there is marketing and publicity and publishing a fine book. publishing nonfiction is often easier in a way than fiction as once you have all your information, it is a simple matter of showing your expertise in this area.  This is not a challenge but rather a route which is easier in terms of publishing and marketing.

If you remember these three things, publishing becomes less challenging and more enjoyable.  Time lines and editor and goals are important, but so is the power of publishing a book you love.



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