Posted by: rebeccae | May 3, 2010

What are the Three Most Important Things about Publishing?

Publishing and all of the challenges that come with publishing usually come second in the minds of writers.  They write a book then edit a book then they begin the process of getting that book published.  Often the answer is no, or nothing at all, but really, there is an answer, as the writers who have had success in the field of publishing will kindly tell you the three most important things about publishing.  I have had a chance to talk with a few writers who have seen success in publishing and after these conversations I have come up with three important things about publishing.

1) That there is a plan for whatever you are working with before you want to publish:  Even if it is an online article or a book, most writers do not plan for what the audience, or the book or whatever they might be writing should do in the short-term or the long-term.  No one likes to hear that their book will not sell more than 100 copies, as is.  It is even harder to fix something that a writer feels should be published now.  It is a part of learning how to plan and this will make publishing and writing easy.  Plan for success but also plan for times when whatever you are planning to publish does not see success.  make plans and follow them.  There is one other publishing plan that most people would rather not do.

2) Make a marketing plan, even though it is often harder to do, try to write one out:  Once a book or an online article is published, how will you get people to read it?  This is an important aspect to publishing, the many writers forget to think about this.  Marketing is the only way to become a successful published author.  A lot of that depends on the author.  a marketing plan can be short or long, but every writer must have it, and they need to use it to see success that they want for the publishing goals.

3) Plan, more plans, and determination:  Once a book is published it is somewhat out of your hands and in the readers hands.  In fact it is Still in your hands.  what most writers do not understand about publishing is that planning will only go so far if they have no determination to succeed in publishing.  It is easy to be determined when books are selling well and people want to read your book and the publishers need to make a second run of prints.  It is not as easy be determined when book sales are slow, and there are problems.  This is where determination will make or break a writer.  If they want success the problems will go away eventually, but if they do not plan to work through the problem with grace and willingness to succeed the publishing industry won’t help them at all.



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