Posted by: rebeccae | April 29, 2010

Why Publishing and Writing are Easy

It is easy to write.  It is even easier to publish.  Often when people read this comment, they think about the challenges and the difficulties that writers all face when becoming a published author.  This is not to suggest that writing and publishing should be considered a thing everyone should want to do in their lifetimes, but a way to view how often writer look at the harder parts when writing a book or an online article.

Publishing and Self-publishing all follow their own rules, and the job of the writer who wants to see success is to learn these rules.  Once the rules are learned it is a bit easier to publish.

In fact it is learning about the rules that most writers feel the challenges, as there seems to be many ways that a writer can writer or be published.  In fact after understanding why there is a way that a book can be published and a way that a book should be published is more a bit of experience and learning combined.

Below are five ways that publishing and writing are easy:

1) Writing is something that anyone can do, in fact really quickly: This is not about editing about writing.  There is a difference between editing and writing.  Writing is the art of putting pen to paper and simply transferring thought to hard format.  This is for the most part easy, a writer can sit at the computer and type away or go and take and pen and paper and write.

2) Writing is a way to express thoughts, and it is a different way than talking:  A first draft in writing is like talking.  Some people will use a speaking program to do this as often, a first draft is closer to a conversation.  Not a perfect conversation, but it is something that everyone can relate to.

3) Publishing is simply finding a hom for writing:  After you have written and re-written a piece the next step is to publish this writing.  Most often when people hear the word “publishing” they think of books, and libraries and more books.  If you write online articles and publish blogs, you are in fact, publishing. 

4) Self-publishing is quick, and easy, as long as the product is good:  Of course this means a bit of editing is in order. Still understanding a computer is a must, but once the format is done, and that often takes less time than anticipated, if writers use a self-publishing company, and not a vanity press, the is an element of someone else doing the actual work, either printing it or distributing it. 

5) Publishing is all about product, and a book is a product and that is easy to understand:  When one writes, one usually has an outline or a plan or something that they have in mind for their book or blog or online article, since they intend to publish the easy part is getting the book completed to a good level and learning the best audience for each book.  It is very easy to know who your audience is and it is also easy to publish a book.

The harder part is marketing and selling this book or blog to the wider world.



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