Posted by: rebeccae | April 23, 2010

What Does Self-Publishing Mean to You?

What Does Self-Publishing Mean to You?

It is being your own boss, where you can face the world and you learn as you go?  I think that might not be the correct answer.  I think the best answer is that people love the challenges of writing and publishing and editing the way they need to.

Some people simply want to write and then publish something meaningful and in a timeframe that is appropriate,  I am learning the ropes of self-publishing and I have found that for the most part it is varied and interesting and the challenges that I face are exactly the same as everyone else.

In fact there is a bit of a community in self-publishing, but not in vanity presses.  I can go to Create Space and ask people to help me and I have found hundreds who give me their time and help.  Of course the self-publishing route doesn’t mean you are by yourself.  In fact if you are reading this blog know it is self-published.

You are simply doing it yourself, and you can ask for help anywhere.  publishing is a great bit of work, but when you add passion and joy to that mix, it becomes all the more powerful… in response to my last post: No, publishing doesn’t suck.


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