Posted by: rebeccae | April 21, 2010

Does Publishing Suck?

Query: Does Publishing Suck?

Or am I the only one who deals with this question each day?

Not that I would never publish, but it makes me wonder when there is a day when you look at what you’ve written, or you read something you long to publish and you figure out that really, it isn’t so good.  I am not talking about first drafts but about the second or thrid or even fourth draft that doesn’t seem right.

Makes you wish that writing was something that was easy, but then I think, yes the writing and even the editing was easy.  Publishing is scary in a way.  You have so many variables that I wonder what made me to want to publish in the first place.

It is the publishing that is hard.

I have a list of things to do.  Get that ISBN, make sure I can get the book in to the correct format, and then have it published.  Not to mention write-up a marketing plan and a business plan and have sales.  It almost makes writing and leaving it there easier.  Then of course I wouldn’t be doing what I love, just doing something that is a pastime.  It doesn’t seem easy and often I wonder does publishing this piece of writing make me feel better?  Do I want to continue writing?

I can still answer this clearly:  No, publishing doesn’t suck and yes I love writing and I’ll keep on writing until I grow to old to push buttons on my keyboard… which is a long time from now.



  1. You summed this feeling up nicely. I often feel the same way, Rebecca, much more than I care to. It’s a tough business, especially when the artist not only needs to perfect her craft but then change hats and become a grand salesperson as well. Makes it that much tougher. For those interested in self publishing, there’s a good guide: How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks – All for FREE that is really helpful. Good luck and keep writing for you have talent. Your words spoke to me, didn’t they?

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