Posted by: rebeccae | April 16, 2010

Publishing a Book? Self-Publishing? Show me the Money!

I once mentioned to a friend that I intend to self-publish a book, now normally this would have led to a great debate on the merits of traditional publishers, as she is a person who believes that almost everything needs, or at least should be traditionally published.  I on the other hand believe that while some things can be traditionally published, there is a place for self-publishers, and of course self-publishing.

I do not consider AuthorHouse or the like to be self-publishers, these are vanity presses, but that is for another post,  so I won’t get into that.

Still, she wondered how much it would really cost to get a book self-published, and get books you can sell for a profit.  I decided to go to create Space and look.  What I found was rather interesting, for a $35 dollar fee, you can get a “pro rate” and that lowers cost.  The difference if you had a small book and ordered say 100 books, well $250 for someone on the prorate, and about $350 for someone who isn’t.

I was pleased to learn that yes this was the cost for 100 books.  I even took the time to check some other info, see if you write a book and sell it as an e-book through amazon, you will get more profit, (not royalties… that is something else!)  We all like profit so it makes me wonder, if you are publishing a book, and wan tot sell it, would it not be better to get an e-book to begin and then a paperback later?

So, if you want to “show me the money” Create Space does, and the results are very interesting.


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