Posted by: rebeccae | April 14, 2010

Now, on to Edits…. All A Part Of Publishing

I need to edit in fact I would say I need to edit a few more times before my book comes out.  It is all a part of publishing I would of course be worried if I simply went ahead and published my book as is.  It is more than self-confidence– or as some might suggest lack there of– but really knowing what the best in terms of a published piece is.  Editing is all a part of publishing.

I quickly looked over the first few pages, or about 2,000 words, and found about 15 mistakes that I should have caught.  This is why most people will edit or have someone else edit their work before sending it to a publisher.

publishing anything is making a good impression and errors which should have been caught ona basic edit will be caught by a reader.  The best way to edit is to leave the writing alone for a few days and then reread the work.  Then print it out and take a pen to fix it.  Leave it for a while and do it again, and get someone else to do the same thing. 

it is one step but it is all a part of publishing.



  1. dang fun story bro.

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