Posted by: rebeccae | April 10, 2010

ISBN Canada Style, or Now I have a Number…

This is different from saying I am nothing but a number, in fact this is saying I have a number,  or rather a prefix to a number.

I registered for an ISBN prefix, and got myself a “name” of a publishing company For Love of Books.  I am pleased to say it was accepted, so I can say that with this I can now self-publish my work.  It is of course Canadian based, as I don’t live in the US.  Still, it means something I don’t need to use someone else’s ISBN number but I can use my own.

Really to get the prefix it is a matter of paperwork and time.  In fact a lot of time waiting.  One thing: fill out everything, even if you think you don’t need to fill it out.  Now getting this prefix to the ISBN isn’t hard, it or takes money, but buying the rest of the ISBN does, so that is my next bit of work.

No it didn’t cost money but a bit of time and effort,  but I filled out the required information and sending it to the correct place, and the website used is confusing but with a little reading and a lot of guessing I was able to get that prefix.  Sorry but if you are living outside of Canada you can’t get a Canadian ISBN.

Still I feel that with this number I am more than a number, I can publish my work and get it edited, and in the end it is mine.



  1. My first book Memories of Finedon(where I interviewed over fifty local people of varying ages as well as all walks of life) wouldn’t have seen the light of day had I not decided to self publish. Over a thousand copies were sold and the book travelled world wide. I then brought together two further books;sketches of Finedon and local sketches-this time by a gifted local artist called Alan Neal-now sadly deceased.
    I have just completed my own true story called Only One Father and will have to wait to see the results of this one.
    I have purchased ten isbns now.

    Sometimes you have to find a way of making dreams come true and being ordinary shouldn’t ever stop you.


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