Posted by: rebeccae | March 25, 2010

ISBNs and Other Publishing Matters

There was a long discussion between writers about what really makes a book self-published.  For the most part the argument boiled down to this:  If one goes to a Vanity Press and uses the services that they offer, will it still be self-published?

Given that I moderated this discussion I shall give my view:

I believe that using a self-publishing company means that you need to go out and buy your own ISBN.  This means that you are the publisher and not the group who is doing the publishing.

It is cost effective to buy your own ISBN, but also you can simply google it, and find the group which produces ISBN codes for your country, and if you do want to get fancy you can even buy the bar code.  So why have some one else, if you intend to self-publish, use their ISBN code on your book?

I ask this since it was brought up and the fact that with some basic knowledge you can figure out who is the publisher is by looking at the code, you can then have the profit to yourself, and that is a big bonus.

So, since this is about publishing and one wants to publish, and I am only referring to self-publishing, would having your own ISBN allow you to be a true self-publisher?


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