Posted by: rebeccae | March 22, 2010

So What About MONEY???

Upon hearing that one writes or one blogs, or something that is not a “job” in the correct sense of the word, people tend to ask “well what about money?”

It is after all a good question.  How you make money is a great way to find out a passion.  Making money should come secondary, but often it comes first when people ask about it.  Write for a living or blog for a living and most people will say that they stopped because they lost their passion.

Perhaps it is more, they lost their savings.  They don’t have any money. Their advance for a book was spent too quickly.  It is not easy being a writer, but here are three ways one can write and still make money:

1) Set some goals.  When writing a blog, plan to write at least once a day until you have a strong following.  If not plan to write something good enough that you will not lose followers you have during small breaks.  Be realistic with your goals at the beginning, for example understand the law of averages.  Only an average of 25% of Google AdSense publishers make enough money each month that they get a payout.

2) Understand that if you quit a job, really there is no going back.  If you intend to write full-time, set rules for others.  If you plan to write a blog, you need office hours.  Set these, and if you can not stop others from invading your office, then this really is not a good career choice.  You can’t make money if you don’t write.

3) Be honest:  You will not get traffic overnight nor will you get traffic that will support you very quickly.  You also need to understand a lot about money.  How people think and how you perceive yourself is important as making the money.

So what about money?

Well, save up enough, quit that day job, and HAVE A PLAN!


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