Posted by: rebeccae | March 8, 2010

Create Space and ISBNs and Vanity Presses

I think I am having a great time with Create Space, but it makes me think back to a hub I once wrote about self-publishing.

Now for the record— I do not, nor have I ever, considered “the big three” I Universe, AuthorHouse or Xlibris as self-publishing companies.  Now I’ve had dealings with them, but I never published with them.  Because of these dealings I believe that I can of course give some observations, and relate my experiences of them with others.

The very fact that all three are owned by the same parent company should give pause to most people, of course a parent company is not a deciding factor in many things.  Money is one of the things that does and does not decide on what you spend… and writers are known to spend more than they should.

Still I was a bit hesitant when many people pointed out Create Space to me.  I had never really heard about it and didn’t know much about it.  Still it was something I looked into.  One of the frist questions I asked was:

Vanity Press?

No in fact I feel a bit more comfortable with Create Space since it doesn’t have packages… at least not yet, but I am currently writing a book on grief which will be published by Create Space. I believe with my own ISBN I can say with some comfort that it is self-published.



  1. Very interesting your change of view with Create Space, maybe you are correct it is the ISBN that makes a self-publisher.

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