Posted by: rebeccae | March 2, 2010

Publishing NonFiction: Ack! The Evil Computer is at it again!

There is a fine line between writing and publishing.  That line is almost always crossed by great writers, some will work as freelance writers, and some work on books.  They all share the goal of publishing something.

In this case: publishing nonfiction.  Sometimes, it helps to use the Internet as a guide, google a term and in moments one can find all sorts of websites and other information that can both help and hinder a goal towards publishing a nonfiction book that will be accepted by the community which one has set their sites upon.

The evil computer strikes again!  See one can “find” seemingly reputable sites, which are filled with misinformation.  The same goes when you publish a book.  Type in “publish a book” or “publishing nonfiction” on google and there seems to be a million sites, or articles on the subject.  Many of them are vanity presses looking for a customer or three who will part with their money.

In this case you need to ask how can you avoid the dangers of publishing nonfiction?

Do research outside of the Internet, in others words, get outdoors and walk or bus to the library and you will find hundreds of excellent sources.  These are free.  Since libraries have librarians you can ask them their opinions.

Learn about your subject and then write about it, on paper.  This is also known as an idea map or outlining.

Triple check all sources.  This also includes publishers of nonfiction.  Even with publishing a good author will do their homework. Other wise you’ll spend a lot of money on an inferior product,  you will lose a valuable reputation.


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