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Blogs, Money and Writing

If you have a blog, then the chances are that you have something to write about, a topic you are confident about and want to share what you know to others.  That something is important to you and you want to have people read that and comment one what they have read.  Deep down you also want to see success and make money with your writing.  This money is for you a means to have things you dream about.


Money comes to those who write.  It also comes to those who plan to focus on the things that matter to them.  If you publish a book, the part of what makes it so wonderful is that you have the ability to make money long-term with your writing.  In this case it was publishing In Search of The Lost Ones that made my own writing more powerful.  There was a need to improve my writing so that readers who came to my blog would eventually go and purchase my book.  The more I improved it the better it was.  Even though I knew a lot about Transylvania, Romania and the Second World War, I had to publish something beyond what I would have normally done.



It also showed that money comes when you publish what you know, and this also showed that what with challenges with writing a blog, and writing a book, money needed to come from somewhere.  After all success means that you have to work both hard and smart.  You have to market and get the word out that you have published something.  The same holds true if you write on a blog, and you want to earn money with Google AdSense, you have to write about what you know.  AdSense doesn’t mean instant money but it means like anything you can make money writing on your blog.

Coin Jar


The point is that no matter how much work you do if you don’t think about the idea of money and publishing what you know, you end up losing out.  Most readers have great interest in the topic and tend to know a lot of information about whatever they read.  They are here to read something they didn’t know about before.  That is how you create something great, and that is the way to not lose your mind, and continue to write and love what you do.


Beginning tomorrow and going on until May 19, the Kindle Edition of In Search of The Lost Ones will be on sales for .99 cents US.  The same sale will be in effect for the other Kindle edition you can purchase on the other sites.

I’m excited to see what this sales will do.  I’ll let you know after May 19.  This is a pretty interesting experiment, but I am willing to see how this sale goes.  Publishing a history book on Transylvania and getting reviews is always interesting!

So far there have been three reviews, and normally the Kindle edition is priced at $2.99 so I think that it is a really good deal…feel free to go and see.

This does mean I have to price all of the sites at a lower price, such as, or, but if there are more sales from other amazon websites, I am more than happy to go for it.

What I am hoping for more readers, and this will be one means to see how well people think of In Search of the Lost Ones.  The paperback sales are steady, but again this is something that will not only help me improve my writing, but will allow me find out what it takes to sell more books.

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In Search of The Lost Ones: Published On Amazon

It is time to mention that after many years of writing, In Search of  The Lost Ones is now on and other amazon website ( At the moment it is on amazon Canada, UK, and Germany!) 

This is great new, and this is a true up in terms of publishing.   The sales have been steady and many people have already bought the book, but it took a while before the rest of amazon sites had the book listed on their sites, the hardest part was the wait, but this is a huge trill.  Now, one can say I am not simply a writer, but rather a published author.

I hope that this up part of publishing will continue in terms of writing yet another book.  Many thanks to all who have read this blog.



 As you can see above this is the cover of the book, many thanks goes out to the editor of this work.

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Have fun and Publish

dare double dare, let’s write…

dare double dare, let’s get our work published.

Dare double dare… do it soon.

Great news edits are almost done and the book, and e-book will be out by end of September!

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Why Self-Publish?

Most people want to publish a book but they often only consider self-publishing as a last resort.

Should they?

For some writers, they had long since planned to self-publish, but for others it is because they have been told no far too often.  Being told no is a hard thing to accept.  I moon lighted as a literary agent’s “checker.”  This was really just a thing to tell people no without them bothering this agent.

 I think I took this lesson from that experience:  One, you can never spend too much time editing, and two see number one!

Really, if you are going to self-publish, you still need it to be professional.

This is the hardest thing to understand.

If you are self-publishing because you have been told no, you need to go back and fix it up, a first draft is actually just not even a draft, it is mind splat.  A second draft is okay, but I’ve also learned that a fourth draft is good.  it takes time and energy to build your work to the point where, why you self-publish is because it is something that you enjoy…

Not because you were told no once too many time.

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CreateSpace and Kindle

I am busy publishing this book, and it seems that when I get to doing that most people want something from me, time and energy.

A few things to know.

1) Use CreateSpace if you are self-publishing for the first time, and take the time to learn about what you need to do to improve.

2) For the love of GOD edit….

3) I have found a few reasons to look into what a good professional book should look like.  You need to as well.

4) kindle and Nook and other e-book readers are a must to consider.  It costs about $70 if you use it from Create Space and it is something which you will want to have to make money or at the least have good reviews on

5) Make sure your expenses are kept to a minimum.

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Would Online Writing Sites be considered Self-Publishing?

Online writing sites are places where you write and then you make money online based upon traffic, or upon affiliate programs that you have set up.  It can also be a combination of both.  There are hundreds on online writing sites out there, and there are millions of writers who want to be published and better yet to be seen with their work, and make money, or have fame.

Writing is an art, and a craft, it is a lot of living a life of writing, but it also is about making money that will help you.

Still, the question can be asked, are these online writing sites something that you can consider self-publishing or are they more like simply putting things out?

In a words, yes they are self-publishing as you have the right to build your business any way you want to build it up and to make money.  It also means that your published work is copyright protected, on any of these writing sites.  That is why these writing sites are considered self-publishing.

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Writing on Wikinut and Publishing There

It seems that wikinut is a decent website, but I’ve got a few pages on Dracula and other legends there, so it should be rather interesting to read.  I can add this to one of the sites I write on, and earn money on, but it is a very slow method to get payments since they pay by impression and sometimes it takes a lot of effort to do this.  I’ve written about 70 articles there, and have made some income.

My latest article is about the Saxons of Transylvania which is found in Romania.  I must admit I’ve had the most fun with this as I’ve had in a long time.  It can’t get any better.

Expect for writing here and all about Dracula I suppose.  Still it is a fun way to publish and it gives me another means to have a bit of fun.  The key to this place is not to get all worked up when you make less than a penny a day, the key is to have fun and enjoy the ride.

After all your are getting published there.  I am able to be more tougue in cheek there, but be advised that you will have to do a lot of participating since most of what you make is based upon page impressions, and that makes you a bit of money.  Still here’s the question would you write there?

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Four Websites and You can publish on them, but will you?

Four websites which you can publish on and make money with: which one would you use?

Wikinut– This is an excellent website, you write small pages, between 400 to 1,000 words, then it is checked for content.  You are paid by page impressions.  This is a great first site for most writers, especially those who want to promote their writing and their blogs with online articles. Knowledge of social networking sites is a must here.  The more traffic you get to this site, and more likely you will make money.  The more popular the articles then there is more money.  Your followers are also informed of your newly published pages.

Squidoo– Another great writing site, be advised that it was originally devised for charity so you can make money, but you will find that your lenses (as your mini website is known as) is harder to find or be promoted if there is not a bit of charity percentage given.  It is a bit harder to work with as opposed to wikinut, but still a great site.  You make money based upon overall page ranking, so the higher the page rank the better.  It also helps to have friend vote and like it.

 Hubpages– This is also a great site to try, and like wikinut and squidoo.  You write hubs on various topics that can potentially make you money.  Now they do not pay you directly, but they do pay you if some one clicks on your Google AdSense ads or amazon or eBay.  Please note a bit more knowledge about how the search engines work are a must with this site, if you want to make money or get paid more frequently.  A Mian Key To Success is the type of profile you put up.  This makes all the difference in terms of traffic to your work and making money long-term

 Bukisa-  Another site, similar to wikinut, there used to be an index which you followed that you tells you how much money you can make per 1,000 impressions. However recently they have chenged their format and you will need to have either Google AdSense or Chickita to make moneyw ith them.  The pages are between 200-500 words.

 There you have it will you think of using these websites to make money with?  Would you say no to one and yes to others?

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So Do You Know Your Money Goals?

There seems to be a big discussion about writing on blogs, should you write a blog, and should you make money with that blog?  What most people do not remember is that like a book, publishing a blog is a process.  That process can be long or short, but the truth is if your goal is to make money, a blog is an interesting way to go about it.

There are of course hundreds of ways to make money with your writing and most people will eventually make money with their work, but the truth is that it takes time to do this.  So, let us take a look at a few blogs and the ways that you can make money with them.

1) Putting Google AdSense ads on your work: Okay for the most part this is an idea which in theory works well.  The only trouble with this is that it does take a long time, and you will have to increase your traffic quite a bit to make money with your blog this way.

2) Links and Traffic:  If you have AdSense, it is a beginning to your money goals.  The key thing is that people must find your blog or know why it is unimportant you and then to them.  Writing has its own challenges, but to make your online business life easier you will have to be willing to add links to your work to get more traffic to come… which in turn makes your money.

3) knowing what Traffic makes you money:  This is as important to you as building links and other means to get traffic to your site.  It is a process, and one which you will need to be serious about.  If you make $5 a month on your website or blog, if you find out which traffic gets you that money you can learn to focus your energies on getting more of that traffic.

4) Knowing why your traffic comes back or does not come back.  Another part to building your business and making money is knowing why.  Why can be as simple as going to say Google Analytics and finding out how many people come to your website or blog, and how long they stay.  It is easy to write a blog, but not knowing why you are getting the traffic you are getting can cause a good blog to be harder to write on.

5) Knowing and improving your money goals:  Sometimes it is a matter of improving your goals, by making them a bit more specific.  Be comfortable with these goals, and be willing to spend time building upon these goals.  It many ways it is like publishing a book, if you  know about each aspect of the process, you will see success sooner.

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